leave a messageMercedes Bresso, Member of the European Parliament: “Equal access to diverse learning opportunities it’s a priority. Great!”

Eva Paunova, Member of the European Parliament: “It is time to adapt our new educational methods to the current realities, to the rapid and constant changes in our economies and societies. Studying abroad from a young age is an important component of the development of such practical and life skills, and this goes beyond building language capabilities. There is no reason why this process has to start only in the university years – in fact, the sooner the better. I stand firmly for the recognition of the school period spent abroad, enhancing the mobility of school students and supporting the inclusion of diversity within the school system”.

Wout Van Caimere, Coordinator of the Youth Intergroup, European Parliament: “The Erasmus babies should be able to go on Erasmus from the age of 12”.

Inga Menke, Partner Development Coordinator at EFIL: “I have had the opportunity to benefit from an intercultural learning mobility when I was 16. It has changed my life! I wish every young person would have such an opportunity. By recognising school periods abroad these opportunities become more accessable and at the same time contribute to a more tolerant society”.

Sarah Kirchner, National Director at YFU Austria: “My own exchange-year changed my life for the better in so many ways! It was not recognized then and I’d still do it again and again and again since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime-chance. Recognition would help give this experience to so many more young people and thus build a better future with more understanding of cultural differences, which is sorely needed in these times! Help us make this world a better place and let the exchange-experience be recognized!”.

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