Parliamentary Question

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Plenary session week 28 2015 in Strasbourg

MEP Victor Negrescu and the European Parliament Youth Intergroup are the initiators of  a question for oral debate (rule 128), which will be submitted for oral debate in the European Parliament plenary.

Signatures of Members of the European Parliament will be collected soon. At least 40 signatures are needed.


Proposal for a Question for oral answer with debate (Rule 128)

Subject: Recognition of school study periods abroad

 Pupils are mobile within the EU, thanks to their families or through secondary school exchange programmes. However, the right of free movement of these families and pupils is not recognised and their mobility hindered. In fact, pupils’ study periods abroad are only recognised 1) if they are funded under Erasmus+ 2) in few EU member states according to different national legislations. The positive experience of the latter should be taken as a model to follow.

The current situation means hindering the labour mobility of parents and underusing the enormous potential that learning mobility at a young age has to promote European citizenship and acquire intercultural competences.
How does the Commission plan to ensure that EU member states implement the freedom of movement also for those families which change their place of residence together with their school-age children as well as to those pupils willing to spend a study period abroad?

How does the Commission plan to use ongoing initiatives – such as the New Skills Agenda, the Council recommendation on Validation of non-formal and informal learning – for this purpose?